PickStar logo

James and AFL champion Matthew Pavlich joined forces to launch PickStar, a marketplace allowing Australians to engage sporting stars for their events and promotions, while enabling high profile athletes to connect with the community.

In just two years the platform has already facilitated more than 400 events and has a database of over 600 athletes. Not content with early success, James is now preparing to lead PickStar to a new level of growth. Download the PickStar presentation.

Tract Group

TRACT Group was born in the cauldron of elite sport. James Begley and Jason Weber have combined to produce a business that inspires people and measures business. TRACT Group utilizes the unpretentious, direct and challenging philosophies implemented widely in the AFL and international rugby communities.

James Begley has a passion for delivering simple, direct and inspiring organizational development workshops.  James has a record for improving team alignment, staff engagement, peer to peer feedback and team cohesiveness. He played professional Australian Rules Football for The Adelaide Crows and St Kilda Football Club  for 7 years. James has delivered leadership and development programs to Mirvac, Landcorp, Synergy, Local Government Superannuation, Fonterra, AHG and the Fremantle Football Club. He has over 10 years of corporate and elite sporting facilitation experience.

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