Talking leadership with Ladder

James Begley, youth leadership session

I recently had the opportunity to talk about leadership to a group of young people involved in the Ladder program.

Ladder is a not-for-profit organisation tackling youth homelessness. Backed by the AFL, Ladder is having a massive impact on the community from it’s South Australian base in Port Adelaide, and nationally.

I was able to give them a taste of what corporates and elite sporting organisations do to improve their leadership, but also tackled the topic in the context of a young person’s world – school, social rejection, imperfect family units and role models and overcoming significant setbacks.

We also looked at personal trademarking and why thinking about your own personal “purpose” can provide clarity and direction.

But I think I learned the most, as the young people shared their own stories of resilience and overcoming adversity. The kids were open, honest, vulnerable and funny. It was truly a memorable session.

“It was an outstanding session that was enjoyed by all. The kids are now asking when James will be back for session two,” Ladder Program Manager Andrew Crowell said.

“James was quick to break down barriers and created an environment where everyone was comfortable to share, even the shiest ones.”

To talk about my leadership and advisory services can help your organisation, please fill out the form below to get in touch.

– James Begley, managing director, Tract Group

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